Welcome to Dash Office

The World's Fastest
Mobile Experience

Fast and Secure Browsing

  • Multiple active browsers at your fingertips
  • Accelerated, efficient and secure
  • View web pages at lightning speeds

Performance Monitoring

  • Track data usage, network quality and savings
  • Clearly see the performance benefits
  • Manage your data plan with the trending tool

Secure Network Access

  • Anonymity and security for all mobile apps
  • On demand VPN for automatic protection

Speed Test

  • Verify performance of your existing network
  • Check your download speed with and without Dash

Dash Office

The world’s fastest mobile experience

Secure network acceleration for all apps on your mobile device. Dash Office’s patent-pending technology speeds up network access and saves on the amount of data consumed by your device.

The Complete Suite – Accelerate Everything!

Dash VPN

  • All-app acceleration, data savings and security.

Dash Web

  • The lightning-fast multi-view browser.


  • Manage your data usage and savings.

Dash Statistics


The control and visibility you need to manage your mobile data access

Easily view your data savings, record your usage for a specific trip and see performance benefits for yourself. Monitor network quality by location and manage your data plan.

Dash Web Browser


The Dash Web Browser. Accelerated and data-reduced web browsing

Dash Web is the world’s fastest and most efficient web browser, rendering web pages at lightning speeds. Get instant access to your most important sites with faster page loads and wait less to read the content you need!

Dash Secure VPN

Secure VPN

Security for all apps on your mobile device

Protects your privacy and allows you to access all of your favorite sites anonymously. Security and performance wherever you are.


Dash Office Home

Home brings you all the basic information you need to manage you app including current status of your data plan, help, and app reconfiguration options.


Check your data consumption by location and view real time network performance.

Speed Test

The Dashboard speed test demonstrates the enormous gains that Dash delivers in a simple and intuitive graphic. Check your download speed before and after Dash and prepare to be amazed!


Knowledge is power. Easily view your data savings, record your usage for a specific trip and see performance benefits for yourself. Take control over your monthly data plan and realize the savings!

Data Plan

The Data Plan tool will help you track daily usage against your current data plan, and provide trending information to help you manage consumption, and save!


Settings are provided in the app to simplify your experience with Dash Office.


Multi View Windows

Dash renders web pages at lightning speeds, giving you instant access to your most important sites. Way beyond browser tabs, with Multi View Windows power users can open 1-16 active browser windows all accessible with a tap.

Accelerated Browsing

All web access through the browser is accelerated and data reduced by ActMobile’s patent pending technology. Your Dash app interacts with a global cloud service to provide all our customers with acceleration, data reduction, and security anytime, anywhere.

Offline Browsing

Overcome poor network quality frustration with offline browsing. Unique to Dash, It will change your browsing experience.

Secure VPN

Secure, accelerate and reduce data on the world’s fastest VPN. Dash VPN provides anonymity, performance, and data reduction for all network communication from your mobile device apps.