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Dash Office Release 1.15 enhances the most sophisticated mobile device all-app acceleration and data savings solution available for the power and business Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) user. Off-line web browsing, email acceleration, internet access location settings, and email download data savings are a few of the major enhancements in the new Dash Office release for Apple iOS devices.

“ActMobile has created a truly revolutionary solution for the power and BYOD business user. Our focus is to ensure performance, data savings, and security on 3G/4G/LTE networks anytime, anywhere. The worse the network, the better we perform”, states John Williams, Co-Founder and EVP Business Marketing of ActMobile Inc. “We have customers reporting huge savings and acceleration on apps like ShareFile, Gmail,, not to mention Newstand apps like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and the New York Times. If you are on the road, travel internationally, or just live in a poor coverage area you need to give Dash Office a try.”

Dash Office Enhances Your Connection Speeds

With over 100,000 installs in just two months, the Dash Office product suite all-device acceleration and data savings are proving their worth. The product is sophisticated but relatively easy to install and manage. Dash Office has three basic usage modes each providing different levels of app, network, data savings, and security. Engage the VPN either in on-demand or manual mode and all apps on the device are secured, accelerated and data is reduced saving you money on your data plan. Use the super-fast in-app multi-view browser as an effective business tool for your most important sites. It even works off-line. Additionally, Dash Office offers usage and management tools for advanced data plan management, network performance analysis (speed test) and roaming usage statistics.

“Our challenge is getting the word out about this fantastic solution to our target market. These apps are perfect for the mobile BYOD workforce and power user that find themselves in poor or congested network coverage areas and need to get important work done. There isn’t a product on the market today that achieves the capability of Dash Office for mobile device productivity,” states Andrew Foss, Co-Founder and CEO of ActMobile, Inc.

“I was on a flight from Boston to San Francisco the other day that provided a paid WiFi service. I fired up Dash Office with the VPN, read email and watched NetFlix. The poor guy next to me gave up reading email in frustration after 20 minutes. I love this product!” reports a customer of ActMobile at 32,000 feet over Michigan.

Dash Office provides three levels of acceleration and data savings through a unique app on the device and a cloud based service. Cellular networks, and even congested WiFi (like those free airport services) create a sever problem for data communications. The Dash Office technology addresses these issues at the network, data, and application level to ensure performance even under the poorest of mobile network conditions.

“Dash Office is designed for the sophisticated power user and mobile worker; anyone who finds themselves on the road, in airports, and cursing expensive wifi service at their hotel will appreciate this app. You know, the life of a road warrior.” states Tim Bush, CFO of ActMobile Inc. ActMobile also provides a secure access solution called Dash VPN which provides secure and accelerated network access and anonymity for mobile users worldwide.



  • Network acceleration, data savings and security for ALL apps on the device
  • View web pages even faster with the in-app multi-view browser
  • Engage the VPN to ensure security and anonymity for the entire device
  • Designed for the power user and BYOD mobile worker


  • View data savings, record data usage, and see performance benefits
  • Monitor network quality and data consumption by location
  • Manage your data plan with dashboard

ActMobile, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a veteran team of WAN optimization and mobile device acceleration technologists from F5, Cisco, and Network Appliance. Our mission is to provide the fastest mobile experience for individuals that rely on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Press Contact:
John Williams
ActMobile, Inc.
Twitter: @dashoffice

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