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If you’re heading out to SXSW this week, you’re likely already expecting to have a LOT of trouble finding a usable network connection. You’ve resigned yourself to not being able to get much done. You know it will be nearly impossible much of the time to even have the ability to check your email – forget responding to anything. While you may be one of those who are happy with this situation that gives you more freedom to hit up the parties instead of being chained to work, there ARE people who still need to check in and get things done. The good news is that installing and using Dash Office will give your iOS devices the boost you need.

Dash Office has proven time and again it can help you get things done when lack of connection may have otherwise made things impossible. Our CEO Andrew attempted to use airport Wi-Fi on a recent trip to check his email. The connection was so bad he couldn’t even open his email – forget replying to something important. Firing up Dash Office, he was able to increase his speed from .36MBs to 6.76MBs – a massive change. Co-Founder John had issues opening anything on a recent flight. After turning on Dash Office, he managed to not only Tweet from 32,000 feet, he also downloaded Hulu and watched a show!

Not only will the app speed up every app installed on your iPhone or iPad, it will also save you a significant amount of data. The built-in measurement tool will show you the savings via an easy-to-read graphic. Reading the WSJ or The Economist in their native app forms can eat up quite a bit of data. Reading them while running Dash Office in the background can save upwards of 40% in bits and bytes. Many of you use ShareFile from Citrix to download, upload and share various files. After spending an entire morning working with files extensions such as .PPT, .XLS and .PDF, John turned on Dash Office and used those same files in the same manner again that afternoon. The amount of data savings rocked his brain… he saw an 87% reduction.

How to Connect to the Internet at SXSW

While we’re speeding up your apps and reducing the amount of data you’re using, Dash Office is also going to give you a valuable extra layer of encryption and security, giving you the ability to finally truly be anonymous online. Add in the Dash Browser – the fastest and most optimized web browser for the iPhone and iPad – and you’ve got one heck of a powerful app at your disposal. It’s nearly impossible to comprehend just how much time and money Dash Office will save you. But for those of you who live and work on the go, it’s invaluable. That’s all there is to it.

Imagine you’re working on the road all week, using your phone and iPad for the most part to send files, read the news and keep your life in order. Having the added speed and reduced data usage from Dash Office is going to turn into a lifesaver for you. Dash Office will help you connect to the Internet at SXSW, help all of your apps work faster so you can accomplish tasks and get back to the conference or parties and at the same time will significantly reduce the amount of data you’re using up. Life can’t get much better than this.

Have a great time at SXSW and let us know how much Dash Office helped you while you were there!

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