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These days, it’s not enough to bring extra cash when traveling abroad, nor is it easy to figure out how we’ll manage to stay connected. There is work to be done, family to check in with and friends to let know how things are going. Doing even one of those things can quickly eat up any amount of data you may have purchased to take along for the ride. How, then, can you possibly manage to use your phones and tablets without breaking the bank?

Co-founder John recently traveled to the UK for several days. Even knowing that Dash Office would help cut down on the amount of data he’d use, he was still a tad nervous. He hadn’t been able to test out exactly how well the app could help while he was traveling far from home. In preparation, he bought two 120MB International roaming plans: one for his iPhone and one for the iPad. Under normal circumstances – without running Dash Office – John would have eaten his way through that measly data limitation in three days and would have had to buy more. Imagine his utter shock – and joy! – when he fired up the stats and discovered that in three days he had only used up 30MB of data with normal use of his devices!!

How to Save Data and Money When Traveling Abroad

Under normal circumstances, John eats up approximately 120-200 MB per device every day he travels. Go ahead and do the math: I will wait. Now take a moment to get your heart rate regulated after you realize how much that costs and look at this:

Using Dash Office, John saved well over 70% of his data plan.

That’s not an exaggeration. Take a look at the above picture – taken right from the app’s reporting screen – and see for yourself. John regularly uses apps such as email (trust me – he is CONSTANTLY using that! ;-) ), Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk and Salesforce. His browser is always going and I have it on good authority he also likes to read – The Economist newsstand app and the WSJ app tend to be running somewhere in the background. These are the same types of things YOU demand from your devices when you’re in another city – or another country. At any other time, you’re going to blow through your data faster than you ever dreamed possible. With Dash Office, you’ll realize savings you didn’t think were possible – saving you money at the same time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself. You can easily install a free trial and keep track of your savings. Once you install the full Dash Office app, don’t forget about the other things we’ll help you do:

  • Enhanced security with true anonymity thanks to our VPN
  • The fastest browser available for both iPhone and iPad thanks to Dash Web
  • EVERY app on your device will respond faster – not just a select few as our competitors can deliver
  • … and more!

Grab your free trial today and learn how much Dash Office will change your mobile life.

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