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Think back to the last time you were on a flight, waiting in an airport or trying to work from anywhere that networks are congested. How frustrating was it to send a simple email? Were you able to get anything done at all? We’re willing to bet the answer is a big fat no. Typically, the wireless connection you’re paying a small fortune for on your flight will get you less than .5 Mbs. Using Dash Office can significantly enhance those connection speeds, allowing you to complete tasks easily.


Skeptical? That’s okay – we were too when we first began this journey. We are a team of people just like you. We have work that has to be done – usually on a deadline – and we suffered when network connections were slowing us down. This is sadly not new – and it’s only getting worse. As more people get connected and more congestion appears on every carrier network, things will crawl along even slower. The carriers cannot begin to keep up with demand. We recognized this three years ago and set out to build an app to help increase your connection speeds, speed up the way all of your device apps respond (and run) and reduce your data load by a significant amount – all while making your mobile experience more secure than ever before. We’ve succeed beyond our wildest dreams with Dash Office.


Recently, our company CEO Andrew Foss was stuck sitting in LAX for a few hours. Needing to plow through some work, he opened his email to find that it wouldn’t even allow him to fully open his messages. The network connection was THAT bad. No worries! Andrew loaded up Dash Office and ran a quick speed test. You can see the results for yourself in the photo below: without the app running, he was downloading information at only .36 Mbs. Once the app loaded, his connection speed bumped up to a whopping 6.76 Mbs. This is a massive difference when you’re trying to work – nearly 19 times faster! Heck, co-founder and VP of Marketing/Sales John Williams is on a flight as I type. He’s not only emailing and Tweeting from 32,000 feet, he also managed to download Hulu and watched a show via Netflix.


Dash Office Enhances Your Connection Speeds


Before enabling the app, Andrew pinged Google. It took over 21 seconds to reach the website. 21 seconds to hit Google? Seriously? With Dash Office running, he was able to ping it in just over ONE second. Now that’s what we’re talking about!


As mentioned above, network connection speeds aren’t the only thing that Dash Office can help you with. Save money on your phone bill using our built-in data plan monitoring and reduction services. Check your data consumption by location and view real time network performance. Easily view your data savings, record your usage for a specific trip and see performance benefits for yourself and take control of your data plan. Track daily usage against your current data plan, and provide trending information to help you manage consumption, and save!


Dash Office simply works. Running the full suite daily can save you time, money and headaches. If you’re a power user, you definitely need to take advantage of how we can help you get things done.

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