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Traveling can be a lot of fun but is also at times extremely stressful. Worrying about what to take with you, getting through airport security and remembering what you wanted to see or do upon arrival can wear you down. Most of us never stop to think about potential dangers we may face after we hit our destination – and we definitely don’t always plan for every possible scenario. Members of our team brainstormed different aspects of safety you should think about when going on a journey and we’re more than happy to share our ideas with you here.

Keeping Money Safe

Never keep all of your cash in one place. It’s a good idea to stash some of the currency in your purse or bag, some on your person and a portion perhaps hidden in your hotel room (or locked in the safe). This way, if you were robbed a thief would be far less likely to get everything you may have, leaving you with available money to get back to your accommodations or even to a police station.

Top Ten Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling

Additionally, you should think about only carrying smaller denominations. Just like it isn’t wise to haul around a huge amount of money, it’s also not too smart to continually whip out large bills in plain sight of strangers. Paying your way with tens or twenties gives the appearance of not having nearly as much as the guy next in line who pulls out hundreds.

Keep Documents Safe

When you’re on the move you will invariably need easy access to passports, a drivers license or other identification and sometimes even your health records. Things happen – these items can easily be lost or stolen. Don’t let yourself become trapped if this happens to you. Take a few moments to scan these pieces of yourself into your phone or computer so that you will have access to them at a moment’s notice should the need arise.

Mobile Phone Safety

We’ve talked before about the reasons you should be using a VPN on your phone or tablet. It’s a crucial tool to have – especially if you’ll have to resort to using unsecured public WiFi connections. Having this layer of security on your iPhone or iPad will ensure that your information cannot be accessed by someone sniffing around the network where they don’t belong.

Keep Your Gear Safe

I know – you’re dying to use that expensive new camera you got for Christmas to document every moment of your experience. You may want to rethink your strategy, though. Doesn’t your older camera take pictures that are almost as good – at least as far as most people would ever notice? Using equipment that isn’t the most expensive or latest models will significantly reduce the likelihood of it being stolen.

Top Ten Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling

Likewise, try to use older suitcases or bags whenever possible. If you’re rocking the newest Coach purse or a sleek-looking set of Samsonite, thieves will automatically know you probably have items they would want. Using WalMart specials while traveling can signal you saved like crazy for this trip and may not have anything worth stealing. This isn’t foolproof, of course, but it sure can help.

Staying Safe in the Hotel

Sadly, many people believe they’re completely secure in a hotel room as long as the door is locked. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. If you’re a woman traveling alone, consider asking for a bellman or other hotel employee to escort you to your room during late hours. Keep your room key secured and out of plain sight at ALL times, and avoid allowing strangers to overhear you discussing your room number with staff.

Check the locks on ALL doors and windows in your room and familiarize yourself with the fire escape routes. If you order extra towels or room service, ALWAYS check through the peep hole to be 100% certain that the person who just knocked is actually a member of the hotel staff.

Share Your Itinerary

You likely have at least a loose itinerary in your mind’s eye, right? Even if you are someone who thrives on spontaneity, you will still have information such as airline reservations, hotel booking information and possibly tickets to local events. Write all of these things down and give copies to trusted friends or family prior to leaving. If anything were to happen to you, these loved ones would know the most likely place to look for you.

Also, you may want to think about using a mobile app such as TripIt. All of the same types of information is stored in your phone or tablet, allowing you to customize it with additional plans on the fly. You can share the entire trip with others if you choose, or just keep yourself organized.

Safety in Taxis

If you’re planning to use a taxi to get around a strange city, be sure you think of your personal safety at all times. Arrange for transport ahead of time via telephone if at all possible and avoid allowing others to hear the details. Keep any conversation with your driver to a minimum and on a professional/generic level. Have your money and keys in hand when arriving at your destination and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings before entering or leaving a cab.

Avoid Legal Troubles

Ah hah! You hadn’t thought of this one, had you? You’re a good person who has never been arrested or even ticketed, right? Therefore, you’re rolling your eyes and tempted to skip this section entirely. Don’t be too quick to assume you couldn’t possibly run into legal trouble while traveling… especially if you’re visiting another country for the first time.

Take time before leaving home to familiarize yourself with local laws and rules. For instance, did you know that in many countries you can be detained for taking photos of security-related institutions, border regions and even transportation facilities? If you aren’t sure, ASK someone.

If you plan to buy unique souvenirs, you should find out what the local rules are concerning antiques. You’d be shocked to learn how many tourists in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Mexico have been arrested while bringing home cool-looking souvenirs that customs authorities decided may be antiques. Don’t get caught in this situation: understand ahead of time the types of things you can easily transport back home without any issues.

Learn Basic Self Defense

Obviously, the best way to stay safe is to know basic self defense moves. Many organizations in your hometown offer a basic class for free. Check with the police department, a YMCA or take the time to watch videos on YouTube and practice before leaving home. Having just a few of these moves in your arsenal can mean all of the difference between life and death in some situations.

Stay Healthy

Protecting your physical health is just as important as any of the others safety measures we’ve discussed. Research any potential immunizations you may need well ahead of time and visit the doctor if needed. Check out any issues there may be in obtaining fresh water freely, what types of foods could cause you problems and perhaps take a trip through the Internet to learn what types of indigenous plants, animals or insects could hurt you.

All in all, your trip should be pleasant and as stress-free as possible. By taking the time before leaving home to arm yourself with knowledge, the likelihood of coming to any type of harm will decrease significantly.

What other travel safety tips do you have? We’d love to hear about anything we didn’t cover here.

Happy trails!

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These days, it’s not enough to bring extra cash when traveling abroad, nor is it easy to figure out how we’ll manage to stay connected. There is work to be done, family to check in with and friends to let know how things are going. Doing even one of those things can quickly eat up any amount of data you may have purchased to take along for the ride. How, then, can you possibly manage to use your phones and tablets without breaking the bank?

Co-founder John recently traveled to the UK for several days. Even knowing that Dash Office would help cut down on the amount of data he’d use, he was still a tad nervous. He hadn’t been able to test out exactly how well the app could help while he was traveling far from home. In preparation, he bought two 120MB International roaming plans: one for his iPhone and one for the iPad. Under normal circumstances – without running Dash Office – John would have eaten his way through that measly data limitation in three days and would have had to buy more. Imagine his utter shock – and joy! – when he fired up the stats and discovered that in three days he had only used up 30MB of data with normal use of his devices!!

How to Save Data and Money When Traveling Abroad

Under normal circumstances, John eats up approximately 120-200 MB per device every day he travels. Go ahead and do the math: I will wait. Now take a moment to get your heart rate regulated after you realize how much that costs and look at this:

Using Dash Office, John saved well over 70% of his data plan.

That’s not an exaggeration. Take a look at the above picture – taken right from the app’s reporting screen – and see for yourself. John regularly uses apps such as email (trust me – he is CONSTANTLY using that! ;-) ), Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk and Salesforce. His browser is always going and I have it on good authority he also likes to read – The Economist newsstand app and the WSJ app tend to be running somewhere in the background. These are the same types of things YOU demand from your devices when you’re in another city – or another country. At any other time, you’re going to blow through your data faster than you ever dreamed possible. With Dash Office, you’ll realize savings you didn’t think were possible – saving you money at the same time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself. You can easily install a free trial and keep track of your savings. Once you install the full Dash Office app, don’t forget about the other things we’ll help you do:

  • Enhanced security with true anonymity thanks to our VPN
  • The fastest browser available for both iPhone and iPad thanks to Dash Web
  • EVERY app on your device will respond faster – not just a select few as our competitors can deliver
  • … and more!

Grab your free trial today and learn how much Dash Office will change your mobile life.

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If you’re not already using a VPN on your phone, you’ve likely heard (or read) the term several times. You may be wondering what exactly a VPN is and whether or not you need one. Dash VPN is one vital component of our larger Dash Office suite. As a stand-alone app, though, it’s still very powerful and provides you with added security and performance no matter where you may be connecting from. Many users choose a VPN to ensure all traffic to – and from – their device is encrypted (secure) to prevent unwanted ‘sniffing’ of personal information. This is a particular problem on public WiFi networks. Another benefit is providing anonymity to the user and device. The VPN opens a software ‘tunnel’ to another device in the cloud protecting user identity and device location information from being detected.

To break it down further: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a group of computers or networks. Individual users such as yourselves can use a VPN to gain access to network resources (such as for work) when you aren’t physically connected to that particular network. If your place of employment has an intranet set up, you can easily connect to that every time you use your computer at the office desk. However, there could be times – such as when traveling for business – that you may need access to documents or other information within that infrastructure. Using a VPN can allow you to grab what you need with ease.

What is a VPN and Do You Need One

Obviously, a VPN is also used to secure your communications – especially when connected to public WiFi. Think about all the times you have sent a password, credit card number or other sensitive information via your mobile device. If you aren’t using a VPN, it’s easier than you might think for someone to capture said data and use it for nefarious purposes… things you don’t even want to imagine, at times. Having a reputable VPN installed (and working!) guarantees that no prying eyes can get their grubby little hands on anything you’re sending through whichever network you may be connected to.

Now that you understand a little better what a VPN can do, you may be trying to figure out if YOU need one. There are several different types of mobile users who definitely should be installing a great VPN. Anyone who is a student or worker may need a VPN provided by their company or school to access resources they cannot get to, as discussed earlier. Additionally, anyone who downloads a lot of things – even legally – should definitely be using a VPN to help protect their device. A VPN is the ONLY true way to keep yourself safe when using a service like BitTorrent.

Most importantly, anyone who is conscious of their personal (or business) security and privacy should be using a VPN. You don’t have to be a power user or mobile worker to take advantage of the extra peace of mind this type of service can provide. Identity theft is rampant these days, and it’s more important than ever to protect your information. Imagine – EVERYTHING you send or receive via the Internet on your iPhone or iPad will be encrypted and completely secure.

That, my friends, is peace of mind that pays for itself more than a million times over. Check out Dash VPN and the full Dash Office Suite to see how we can help you.

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Dash Office Release 1.15 enhances the most sophisticated mobile device all-app acceleration and data savings solution available for the power and business Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) user. Off-line web browsing, email acceleration, internet access location settings, and email download data savings are a few of the major enhancements in the new Dash Office release for Apple iOS devices.

“ActMobile has created a truly revolutionary solution for the power and BYOD business user. Our focus is to ensure performance, data savings, and security on 3G/4G/LTE networks anytime, anywhere. The worse the network, the better we perform”, states John Williams, Co-Founder and EVP Business Marketing of ActMobile Inc. “We have customers reporting huge savings and acceleration on apps like ShareFile, Gmail,, not to mention Newstand apps like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and the New York Times. If you are on the road, travel internationally, or just live in a poor coverage area you need to give Dash Office a try.”

Dash Office Enhances Your Connection Speeds

With over 100,000 installs in just two months, the Dash Office product suite all-device acceleration and data savings are proving their worth. The product is sophisticated but relatively easy to install and manage. Dash Office has three basic usage modes each providing different levels of app, network, data savings, and security. Engage the VPN either in on-demand or manual mode and all apps on the device are secured, accelerated and data is reduced saving you money on your data plan. Use the super-fast in-app multi-view browser as an effective business tool for your most important sites. It even works off-line. Additionally, Dash Office offers usage and management tools for advanced data plan management, network performance analysis (speed test) and roaming usage statistics.

“Our challenge is getting the word out about this fantastic solution to our target market. These apps are perfect for the mobile BYOD workforce and power user that find themselves in poor or congested network coverage areas and need to get important work done. There isn’t a product on the market today that achieves the capability of Dash Office for mobile device productivity,” states Andrew Foss, Co-Founder and CEO of ActMobile, Inc.

“I was on a flight from Boston to San Francisco the other day that provided a paid WiFi service. I fired up Dash Office with the VPN, read email and watched NetFlix. The poor guy next to me gave up reading email in frustration after 20 minutes. I love this product!” reports a customer of ActMobile at 32,000 feet over Michigan.

Dash Office provides three levels of acceleration and data savings through a unique app on the device and a cloud based service. Cellular networks, and even congested WiFi (like those free airport services) create a sever problem for data communications. The Dash Office technology addresses these issues at the network, data, and application level to ensure performance even under the poorest of mobile network conditions.

“Dash Office is designed for the sophisticated power user and mobile worker; anyone who finds themselves on the road, in airports, and cursing expensive wifi service at their hotel will appreciate this app. You know, the life of a road warrior.” states Tim Bush, CFO of ActMobile Inc. ActMobile also provides a secure access solution called Dash VPN which provides secure and accelerated network access and anonymity for mobile users worldwide.



  • Network acceleration, data savings and security for ALL apps on the device
  • View web pages even faster with the in-app multi-view browser
  • Engage the VPN to ensure security and anonymity for the entire device
  • Designed for the power user and BYOD mobile worker


  • View data savings, record data usage, and see performance benefits
  • Monitor network quality and data consumption by location
  • Manage your data plan with dashboard

ActMobile, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a veteran team of WAN optimization and mobile device acceleration technologists from F5, Cisco, and Network Appliance. Our mission is to provide the fastest mobile experience for individuals that rely on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Press Contact:
John Williams
ActMobile, Inc.
Twitter: @dashoffice

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If you’re heading out to SXSW this week, you’re likely already expecting to have a LOT of trouble finding a usable network connection. You’ve resigned yourself to not being able to get much done. You know it will be nearly impossible much of the time to even have the ability to check your email – forget responding to anything. While you may be one of those who are happy with this situation that gives you more freedom to hit up the parties instead of being chained to work, there ARE people who still need to check in and get things done. The good news is that installing and using Dash Office will give your iOS devices the boost you need.

Dash Office has proven time and again it can help you get things done when lack of connection may have otherwise made things impossible. Our CEO Andrew attempted to use airport Wi-Fi on a recent trip to check his email. The connection was so bad he couldn’t even open his email – forget replying to something important. Firing up Dash Office, he was able to increase his speed from .36MBs to 6.76MBs – a massive change. Co-Founder John had issues opening anything on a recent flight. After turning on Dash Office, he managed to not only Tweet from 32,000 feet, he also downloaded Hulu and watched a show!

Not only will the app speed up every app installed on your iPhone or iPad, it will also save you a significant amount of data. The built-in measurement tool will show you the savings via an easy-to-read graphic. Reading the WSJ or The Economist in their native app forms can eat up quite a bit of data. Reading them while running Dash Office in the background can save upwards of 40% in bits and bytes. Many of you use ShareFile from Citrix to download, upload and share various files. After spending an entire morning working with files extensions such as .PPT, .XLS and .PDF, John turned on Dash Office and used those same files in the same manner again that afternoon. The amount of data savings rocked his brain… he saw an 87% reduction.

How to Connect to the Internet at SXSW

While we’re speeding up your apps and reducing the amount of data you’re using, Dash Office is also going to give you a valuable extra layer of encryption and security, giving you the ability to finally truly be anonymous online. Add in the Dash Browser – the fastest and most optimized web browser for the iPhone and iPad – and you’ve got one heck of a powerful app at your disposal. It’s nearly impossible to comprehend just how much time and money Dash Office will save you. But for those of you who live and work on the go, it’s invaluable. That’s all there is to it.

Imagine you’re working on the road all week, using your phone and iPad for the most part to send files, read the news and keep your life in order. Having the added speed and reduced data usage from Dash Office is going to turn into a lifesaver for you. Dash Office will help you connect to the Internet at SXSW, help all of your apps work faster so you can accomplish tasks and get back to the conference or parties and at the same time will significantly reduce the amount of data you’re using up. Life can’t get much better than this.

Have a great time at SXSW and let us know how much Dash Office helped you while you were there!

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Think back to the last time you were on a flight, waiting in an airport or trying to work from anywhere that networks are congested. How frustrating was it to send a simple email? Were you able to get anything done at all? We’re willing to bet the answer is a big fat no. Typically, the wireless connection you’re paying a small fortune for on your flight will get you less than .5 Mbs. Using Dash Office can significantly enhance those connection speeds, allowing you to complete tasks easily.


Skeptical? That’s okay – we were too when we first began this journey. We are a team of people just like you. We have work that has to be done – usually on a deadline – and we suffered when network connections were slowing us down. This is sadly not new – and it’s only getting worse. As more people get connected and more congestion appears on every carrier network, things will crawl along even slower. The carriers cannot begin to keep up with demand. We recognized this three years ago and set out to build an app to help increase your connection speeds, speed up the way all of your device apps respond (and run) and reduce your data load by a significant amount – all while making your mobile experience more secure than ever before. We’ve succeed beyond our wildest dreams with Dash Office.


Recently, our company CEO Andrew Foss was stuck sitting in LAX for a few hours. Needing to plow through some work, he opened his email to find that it wouldn’t even allow him to fully open his messages. The network connection was THAT bad. No worries! Andrew loaded up Dash Office and ran a quick speed test. You can see the results for yourself in the photo below: without the app running, he was downloading information at only .36 Mbs. Once the app loaded, his connection speed bumped up to a whopping 6.76 Mbs. This is a massive difference when you’re trying to work – nearly 19 times faster! Heck, co-founder and VP of Marketing/Sales John Williams is on a flight as I type. He’s not only emailing and Tweeting from 32,000 feet, he also managed to download Hulu and watched a show via Netflix.


Dash Office Enhances Your Connection Speeds


Before enabling the app, Andrew pinged Google. It took over 21 seconds to reach the website. 21 seconds to hit Google? Seriously? With Dash Office running, he was able to ping it in just over ONE second. Now that’s what we’re talking about!


As mentioned above, network connection speeds aren’t the only thing that Dash Office can help you with. Save money on your phone bill using our built-in data plan monitoring and reduction services. Check your data consumption by location and view real time network performance. Easily view your data savings, record your usage for a specific trip and see performance benefits for yourself and take control of your data plan. Track daily usage against your current data plan, and provide trending information to help you manage consumption, and save!


Dash Office simply works. Running the full suite daily can save you time, money and headaches. If you’re a power user, you definitely need to take advantage of how we can help you get things done.

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Latest Dash Office Update Brings Speed, Data Usage, and Security Optimization to iPhones and iPads

- Developers of mobile enterprise technology release unprecedented advances to mobile efficiency suite -

Pleasanton, CA — January 8, 2013 — Accelerate iPhone and iPad performance, optimize data usage, and enjoy the most secure enterprise technology available with the latest update to ActMobile Inc’s mobile device efficiency suite, Dash Office on iOS. By speeding up mobile apps with an advanced acceleration architecture, protecting data with the security of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), and providing performance analytics and reporting, Dash Office gives users the tools to optimize their iPhones and iPads’ efficiency in a single, inexpensive app.

Access to a fast, inexpensive, and high quality wireless experience is more important than ever as individuals grow increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. Dash Office solves many of the performance, cost, and security issues present in the mobile experience by using its proprietary mechanism to apply techniques, which accelerate the data, network, and application usage as well as overall performance of one’s iPhone or iPad, regardless of network quality. Featuring an easy to navigate data plan manager, users can monitor their mobile device’s usage and predict future data needs by reviewing their smart device’s data analytics including stats, network quality, and speed tests. Dash Office supports VPN IPSec or PPTP, giving users the option for on-demand (always on) or manual optimization across all apps on the device. After a seven day free trial individuals subscribe to the Dash Office service, be it for a one month business trip or for the entire year.

“Dash Office lets users completely take advantage of their iPhone and iPad’s capabilities anytime, anywhere,” states John Williams, Founder and EVP Business Marketing of ActMobile Inc. “The mobile wireless spectrum has become oversubscribed as users consume more and more data on faster smart devices. A typical example is the frequently unpredictable performance of the 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi networks in airports due to the high number of users. We have all felt that pain at some point. Dash Office provides a simple solution to mobile power users who want access to mobile data anytime, anywhere, by providing an economical, efficient, and user friendly mobile experience regardless of their wireless network.”

Dash Office Features:

- Network acceleration, data reduction and security for all apps on the device

- View web pages at lightning speeds with the Dash Web browser

- View data savings, record data usage, and see performance benefits

- Monitor network quality and data consumption by location and manage your data plan with the dashboard tool

- Anonymity and security with the Dash VPN tool

- Screens for optional stats and in-app help

Dash Office for the iPhone and iPad is available for a free 7 day trial on the iTunes App Store.

About ActMobile Inc.:

ActMobile, Inc. is an industry leading mobile app acceleration company based in the United States that provides app acceleration, secure access, and data reduction services. ActMobile, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a veteran team of WAN optimization and mobile device acceleration technologists from F5, Cisco, and NetApp. Our mission is to provide the fastest mobile experience for individuals that rely on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Press Contact:

Tia Thayil