New Dash Office Release Brings Added Speed, Security and Privacy to Your iOS Device

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Dash Office Release 1.15 enhances the most sophisticated mobile device all-app acceleration and data savings solution available for the power and business Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) user. Off-line web browsing, email acceleration, internet access location settings, and email download data savings are a few of the major enhancements in the new Dash Office release for Apple iOS devices.

“ActMobile has created a truly revolutionary solution for the power and BYOD business user. Our focus is to ensure performance, data savings, [...]

How to Connect to the Internet at SXSW

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If you’re heading out to SXSW this week, you’re likely already expecting to have a LOT of trouble finding a usable network connection. You’ve resigned yourself to not being able to get much done. You know it will be nearly impossible much of the time to even have the ability to check your email – forget responding to anything. While you may be one of those who are happy with this situation that gives you more freedom to hit up [...]

Dash Office Enhances Your Connection Speeds

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Think back to the last time you were on a flight, waiting in an airport or trying to work from anywhere that networks are congested. How frustrating was it to send a simple email? Were you able to get anything done at all? We’re willing to bet the answer is a big fat no. Typically, the wireless connection you’re paying a small fortune for on your flight will get you less than .5 Mbs. Using Dash Office can significantly enhance [...]