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If you’re not already using a VPN on your phone, you’ve likely heard (or read) the term several times. You may be wondering what exactly a VPN is and whether or not you need one. Dash VPN is one vital component of our larger Dash Office suite. As a stand-alone app, though, it’s still very powerful and provides you with added security and performance no matter where you may be connecting from. Many users choose a VPN to ensure all traffic to – and from – their device is encrypted (secure) to prevent unwanted ‘sniffing’ of personal information. This is a particular problem on public WiFi networks. Another benefit is providing anonymity to the user and device. The VPN opens a software ‘tunnel’ to another device in the cloud protecting user identity and device location information from being detected.

To break it down further: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a group of computers or networks. Individual users such as yourselves can use a VPN to gain access to network resources (such as for work) when you aren’t physically connected to that particular network. If your place of employment has an intranet set up, you can easily connect to that every time you use your computer at the office desk. However, there could be times – such as when traveling for business – that you may need access to documents or other information within that infrastructure. Using a VPN can allow you to grab what you need with ease.

What is a VPN and Do You Need One

Obviously, a VPN is also used to secure your communications – especially when connected to public WiFi. Think about all the times you have sent a password, credit card number or other sensitive information via your mobile device. If you aren’t using a VPN, it’s easier than you might think for someone to capture said data and use it for nefarious purposes… things you don’t even want to imagine, at times. Having a reputable VPN installed (and working!) guarantees that no prying eyes can get their grubby little hands on anything you’re sending through whichever network you may be connected to.

Now that you understand a little better what a VPN can do, you may be trying to figure out if YOU need one. There are several different types of mobile users who definitely should be installing a great VPN. Anyone who is a student or worker may need a VPN provided by their company or school to access resources they cannot get to, as discussed earlier. Additionally, anyone who downloads a lot of things – even legally – should definitely be using a VPN to help protect their device. A VPN is the ONLY true way to keep yourself safe when using a service like BitTorrent.

Most importantly, anyone who is conscious of their personal (or business) security and privacy should be using a VPN. You don’t have to be a power user or mobile worker to take advantage of the extra peace of mind this type of service can provide. Identity theft is rampant these days, and it’s more important than ever to protect your information. Imagine – EVERYTHING you send or receive via the Internet on your iPhone or iPad will be encrypted and completely secure.

That, my friends, is peace of mind that pays for itself more than a million times over. Check out Dash VPN and the full Dash Office Suite to see how we can help you.

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